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An Overview of Arya
An Overview of the Patient Profile
An Overview of the Patient Profile

This article will provide you with an overview of the patient profile

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The patient profile in Arya has multiple sub-tabs that you can choose from. These will provide a dropdown section within the profile corresponding to the sub-tab chosen. Below these dropdown tabs, you can always find the patient summary which includes Medical History, Medication, Allergies, Social History, and Family History.

Patient Summary

The Patient Summary can always be found in the Patient Profile tab. You can create new items, edit existing items, re-arrange items, and remove items from each section.

Patient Demographics

The Demographics will provide you with the patient's demographic information. This includes personal information, contact information, and physician information. You can update information by clicking directly on the field you wish to edit.

Patient Contacts

You can add new contact or edit existing contacts within the list. To add a new contact, you can select New, which will bring up fields that you can fill in for the contact such as type of contact (emergency contact, physician, etc.), name of contact, address, phone, and fax. To edit an existing contact, you can click whichever field you wish to edit and make the necessary changes. To delete an existing contact, you can select Edit, which will then allow you to delete a contact.

Patient Alerts

Alerts are used to flag and alert users for necessary information on the patient. You can create new alerts by selecting Add then inputting the alert within the Type Here section. You can choose who the alert appears for and whether you would like the alert flagged. Flagging an alert will provide the alert as a pop-up when opening the patient's chart.

Patient Tags

Tags are used to identify specific information about patient's. This is helpful when needing to group patient's. You can create a new tag or add an existing tag to a patient then selecting Assign. You can choose the date the tag is active and the color of the tag.

Patient Immunizations

Immunizations is where you can keep track and manage the patient's vaccination records. You can create a new vaccination record by selecting New, then inputting the name, date and other relevant information. You can also edit existing records by selecting the i icon and make any necessary changes. By selecting Edit, will allow you to delete any records that you wish to delete.

Print Label

The Print Label button will allow you to print off a patient label with their health information and demographics. It will include name, gender, date of birth, health number, phone number, address, referring and family physician.

Patient Appointment History

You can select the appointment history tab if you wish to see the patient's appointment history and upcoming appointments. By selecting the date and time, you will be directed to the attending physician's day sheet on the day of the appointment.

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