Adding Patient Alerts

How to add, flag and manage patient specific alerts

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Alerts are a great way to remind and inform relevant clinic staff of specific patient information!

Let’s take a look at how to make the most of Alerts in Arya.

Viewing Patient Alert History

To access a patient's alerts, navigate to the Profile tab in their patient chart and click on Alerts. The alerts panel will expand, displaying all alerts created for this patient.

πŸ“– NOTE Alert history is visible to anyone visiting the patient chart, regardless if they are selected in the Appear For list. This is not a privacy setting.

Adding a Patient Alert

You can create a patient alert by

  1. Click the Type here field to enter a description of the alert.

  2. Click on the Appears For dropdown to select the user(s) this alert pertains to.

    • Select All Users if the alert is relevant clinic-wide.

  3. Click the Flag icon for the alert to appear as a pop-up in the upper-right corner when opening the patient chart for users listed in Appears For.

    • Leave Flag icon unselected to create an alert that does not pop-up

  4. Click Add to activate the alert

Adding a patient alert

πŸ“– NOTE Once an alert is added, the Description and Appears For list cannot be edited

Flagged Alerts & Alert Fatigue

Flagged alerts appear immediately when opening a patient chart. All active flagged alerts that you are listed in will appear in the top righthand corner as blue pop-up boxes will. Clicking the x on the pop-up with close the pop-up,

Once added, alerts can be flagged or unflagged. The flag status of active alerts can be toggled on and off as needed.

πŸ’‘ Tips to limit visual clutter and reduce alert fatigue

  • Communicate with your team and determine when a pop-up should be used

  • Limit the number of users selected for the pop-up to Appear For

  • Once an alert is resolved, immediately remove the flag for alerts that must remain active. If the alert is no longer applicable, move to inactive list.

Resolving a Patient Alert

You can resolve an alert in the patient's alert panel by checking off the circle located on the left of an active alert. Doing so will mark the alert as "Inactive" and move the alert to the Inactive section.

You can view a patient's inactive alert history by clicking on the Show Inactive button at the bottom of the alert panel. Inactive alerts will no longer pop-up.

πŸ’‘ TIP Did you accidentally resolve an alert? Alerts cannot be reactivated, follow the steps in Adding a Patient Alert to recreate the alert.

Deleting a Patient Alert

To delete an active alert:

  1. Click on the Edit button in the alerts panel.

  2. Click the Delete icon to the right of the alert that you want to delete

    1. A pop-up box will appear.

  3. Click the Delete button to delete the alert.

  4. Click the Done button to exit delete mode.

πŸ“– NOTE Inactive alerts cannot be deleted at this time

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