Tags are a great way to identify the status of a patient, the program they are in, or other administrative statuses related to a patient.

Let’s take a look at how to make the most of Tags in Arya.

Viewing Patient Tags History

To access a patient's tags, navigate to the Profile tab in their patient chart and click on Tags. The alerts panel will expand, displaying all tags created for this patient.

Adding a Patient Tag

You can create or add a patient tag by

  1. Click the Assigned Tags field to enter a description of the tag. If the tag already exists, the system will suggest that one for your selection.

    1. To add a new tag, do not select from the drop down, before moving onto step 2.

  2. Add the date that this tag is active.

  3. Choose a color for your tag.

  4. Click Assign to add the tag to the patient chart.

  5. You have now created a new tag and applied it to the patient's chart.

📖 NOTE Once a tag is added, the Active Date and Color list cannot be edited

Deactivating a Patient Tag

Sometimes you need to remove a tag from a patient, also known as deactivating. To remove a tag from the patient's chart you can

  1. Click the checkbox to the left of the tag, just like tasks.

  2. The Tag will automatically re-file under the Inactive list.

  3. You can always review inactive tags by clicking View Inactive.

  4. To reactivate a tag, select the checkbox to the left. This will re-file the tag to the Active list.

Searching for Patients by Tag

You can search through your list of patients for all patients with a certain tag as well! To do this, navigate to the Global Patient list and click Search by Tag:

Once you have selected the Search By Tag, click into the Tag Name field. The system will generate a list of suggested tags, or you can type to search.

Once selected, the system will generate the list of patients that have had that tag assigned.

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