Updating the Immunizations Record

How to add a new vaccination entry to a patient's chart and view/edit a patient's vaccination history

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This article provides an overview on how to view a patient's vaccination history, add a new vaccination and edit/delete an existing vaccination.

Viewing a Patient's Immunization History

To view a patient's immunization history, navigate to the Profile tab in their chart and click on Immunizations. The Immunizations panel will expand displaying the patient's immunization history.

Adding a Vaccination

To add a new vaccination record to a patient's chart, click on the New button in the Immunizations panel.

Add the Vaccine Name, Date and any other relevant information in the Add Vaccination modal window.

🌟TIP: If you don't find the vaccine you are looking for in the list you can enter the name manually.

To add additional details about the vaccination, scroll down and click on the More Vaccination Details button. This is where you can add information like Vaccine Dose, Lot Number, Site, and more.

Once you are done filling out details about the vaccination, click the Save button and your new vaccination will be added to the patient's chart.

Editing a Vaccination

To edit an existing vaccination, click the information icon located on the right of the vaccination that you want to edit.

An Edit Vaccination dialogue will open. Make the desired changes and click the Save button to save changes.

Deleting a Vaccination

To delete an existing vaccination:

1. Click on the Edit button in the Immunizations panel.

2. Click the Delete icon to the right of the vaccination that you want to delete.

3. Click the Confirm button to delete the vaccination.

4. Click the Done button to exit delete mode.

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