What's New?

You are now able to manage and update a Digital Well Baby Record (WBR) for patients aged 0-6 years old. To use this feature, open up a <6 year old's chart, and navigate to the Patient Results tab. There you will find the WBR guides under the growth charts.

To learn more on our Digital Well Baby Record, we have some help articles to show how this feature works.

What's Fixed?


  • Some users have experienced their note being overwritten with "undefined" in certain cases. An error message will now appear to prevent the note from saving when it attempts to save just the word "undefined."

    • If you see this message, and aren't able to proceed with saving your note. Please reach out via the Intercom Bubble to our client support staff.

    • Note: This is not a complete solution for the undefined notes issue - we are still working on that.

Note Info Icon

  • When an assigned user for a note was changed, it wasn't reflected in the generated PDF of the note. Now any changes to the Title, Date, or Assigned user will be reflected in all PDFs generated after the changes were made.

Results Info Icon (Previously Results "Assign" button)

  • Some users had difficulty typing in the Title field after our updating the "Assign" button to the "Info Icon" last week. This included text appearing backwards, or deleted texts reappearing. The title field should be working as expected now.

Referral Letters

  • When we updated the Referral Letter template, there were a few issues that we fixed based on your feedback.

    • Manually entered recipient information in the referral section was not populating under the "TO" area. The Recipient information should now populate without using a contact pulled from the address book.

    • Modifications to recipient name or fax number made on the Referral page (after adding a contact from the address book) would not reflect in the referral letter. Edits to the contact information made directly in the referral are populating in the referral letter.

    • Recipient information under the "TO" area would populate as N/A for some Clinic created contacts. The Recipient information should now populate with the contact's information

    • Recipient information under the "TO" area would incorrectly populate with the sender's information. The Recipient information should now populate with the selected Contact's information.

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