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2022-Aug-18 Release Notes
2022-Aug-18 Release Notes

New features and fixed bugs scheduled to released on Aug 18, 2022

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What's Fixed?


  • Some users saw the error of "another user is editing your note" trigger when no other user was accessing Arya at that time. This issue was partially addressed in a recent hotfix to reduce the frequency of this issue.

    • In this release, we made additional fixes to only show the lock notification when the user is attempting to edit an out of date version of the note.

  • Some users had notes overwritten with [undefined], we identified that having unclosed [square brackets] was another trigger the undefined issue. We have applied a fix for this trigger.

    • Some users may have experienced this when copy/pasting [placeholders] from another Arya Note without realizing an unclosed square bracket was introduced.

Notes/Results Info Icon (Previously Results "Assign" button)

  • Some users were still having difficulty typing in the Title field after our updating the "Assign" button to the "Info" Icon ℹ️. This included text appearing backwards, or deleted texts reappearing. The title field should be working as expected now.

Patient Alerts

  • New Arya users were not seeing flagged "all user" patient alerts pop-up when the alert is created before they joined Arya. Flagged alerts will now appear for all active users when accessing a patient's chart.


  • The assign user dropdown would list inactive users, when selected would save the assign to as blank. Inactive users will no longer be an option when creating new tasks.

    • **If a user is deactivated, their previously assigned tasks will not still appear assigned to the user. These will need to be manually reassigned.

    • **New bug identified - see bottom of this page for more info


  • We've made server updates to improve system speeds, especially during peak traffic hours. With more speed improvements to come.

  • We've made some back-end changes to improve our team's ability to assist Arya users.

New Issues to watch out for:

Sometimes there are unexpected new issues that pop-up after a release. We do our best to find and fix them all before your clinic starts in the morning, but we end up missing some or are not able to resolve others in time. To improve transparency of potential issues you may see after a release, a list of known new issues will be updated here once testing of AryaEHR post release is complete.

Our goal is to keep this list as empty as humanly possible! If you experience any new issues following this release that are not mentioned here, please reach out to our Client Support Team via the intercom bubble.


  • If a user is deleted from Arya, their existing tasks will be unassigned and task bucket removed. Tasks will be accessible via the patient chart, and in Global Tasks under All. Please ensure you reassign active tasks before deactivating a user.

    • Our plan is to address this issue in our next release, where tasks will remain assigned to the deactivated user until manually reassigned.

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