What's New?

Notes locking

  • To continue our improvements to the Notes Section, we have added a smart locking system. This will prevent users from saving over a note that is in progress by another user (or you in another tab!).

    • An error will appear to let you know that you are trying to edit a note that is not the latest version. When the error message is up, you are still able to view an outdated version of the note.

    • To access the latest version of the note:

      • Jump somewhere else in the chart, another note or click profile and come back in.

      • Or refresh your browser

    • Note: We aren't able to display which user had made edits to your note at this time.

What's Fixed?

Prescription PDFs - Header

  • Some patients' names were taking up two lines in the Rx header, this caused the contact information to be obscured by the header line. Patient names can now extend the length of the header without causing a shift.

Notes/Results Info Icon (Previously Results "Assign" button)

  • Some users had difficulty typing in the Title field after our updating the "Assign" button to the "Info" Icon ℹ️. This included text appearing backwards, or deleted texts reappearing. The title field should be working as expected now.

Referral Letters

  • When we updated the Referral Letter template, there were a few issues that we fixed based on your feedback.

    • Placeholder text appears in the patient history table to show that it was purposefully left blank. Medical History now displays as "None" and Medications display as "No Medications" if these areas are not filled out.

Appointment Reminders and Timezones

  • We have updated how the timezones display in appointment reminders (email and SMS) to make it easier for patients to see what time their appointment is at. This is particularly helpful for providers who practice out of a different timezone than their patients!

    • Note: Appointment times will always be shown in the timezone they were booked from, as we aren't able to know what timezone the patient is currently in.

Patient Portal Emails

  • Some patients were confused when receiving emails with a vague subject line, documents shared by the portal will now have a subject line that includes the clinic and provider's name

  • The provider info used was previously the user who shared the document - we've made some changes to clear that up.

    • Notes shared will use the Assigned User on the note

    • Results shared will use the Assigned User on the result

    • Prescriptions shared will use the Signer/Prescriber of the Rx

    • Forms shared will use the creator of the form.

New Issues to watch out for:

Sometimes there are unexpected new issues that pop-up after a release. We do our best to find and fix them all before your clinic starts in the morning, but we end up missing some or are not able to resolve others in time. To improve transparency of potential issues you may see after a release, a list of known new issues will be updated here once testing of AryaEHR post release is complete.

Our goal is to keep this list as empty as humanly possible! If you experience any new issues following this release that are not mentioned here, please reach out to our Client Support Team via the intercom bubble.

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