What's New?

  • You are now able to update the title, visit date, and assignee of notes in the patient chart. To use this feature, open up a note in a patient chart, and click the info icon that appears in the top left corner of the note.

  • Referral letters generated from AryaEHR have a new look! The template now displays more patient information, as well as sender/receiver information. New Brunswick clinics are able to include provider signatures on referrals.

What's Fixed?


  • Patients were receiving scheduled reminders for appointments that had been rejected or cancelled. Reminders are no longer sent out for cancelled and rejected appointments.

  • Cancelled/rejected appointments were appearing as the patients "Next Appointment," now this field will display the date and time for the next pending or confirmed appointment.


  • Batch uploading referrals has been fixed

  • Searching for a PDF in patient referrals by the file name works as expected


  • Order of route options in the dropdown menu has been fixed

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