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2022-Dec-08 Release Notes
2022-Dec-08 Release Notes

New features and fixed bugs scheduled to released on Dec 8, 2022

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What's Improved?


  • The Profile Synopsis Panel is now available to use alongside your patient forms. Click the Profile button in Patient Forms and you'll see a panel appear on the right of your forms. Here we have an editable quick-view of the patient's medical history, family history, social history, medications and allergies.


  • Clinical Users Only - Global Results will automatically filter to display your results.

    • Click the dropdown to select "All Users" to see all of the clinic's recently received results.

  • Non-clinical Users - Global Results will still default to "All Users"

  • All Users - Patient Results will still default to show all results


  • All Users - Arya will automatically filter Global Tasks to show you your task bucket by default. Click "View all" to see all of the clinic's active tasks.


  • Reminder messages now supports the use of line breaks!


  • To prevent brute force attacks, AryaEHR will lock your account for 30 minutes after 5 failed login attempts. A warning message will appear on the 5th attempt.

    • Note: If your account has been locked, click the "forgot password" button to reset your password. An email will be sent with instructions to reset your password. Resetting your password will reset your login attempt count.

    • Please contact support via email if you are having issues unlocking your account.

What's Fixed?

Patient List

  • Users can search by AryaID from the patient list. Each patient chart has a unique 5 digit number associated and can be found in the Demographics section of the patient chart.

  • Note: This number is helpful to share when reporting a patient specific issue to our client support team.


  • Fixed an issue where selecting a favourited medication would not autofill the frequency field. This field will autofill if the favourited medication was saved with a frequency selected.


  • Resolved an issue for Dr. Bill users, where claims submitted with start and end times were not accurately reflected in Dr. Bill.

  • Restored the ability to input the start and end time using military time (1400). Arya will convert the input to regular time (02:00 PM)


  • Certain contacts would not display the full contact information in the recipient section of the cover page. Recipient information should now display the Contact Name, Fax Number, and Field (if applicable) on outgoing eFaxes.

  • Fixed issue where eFaxes that were filed away as a note would not allow the user to open the Info panel to make edits.

Schedule/Appointment Reminders

  • The signed note icons were not filling as expected on the day view schedule.

  • The created billing icons were not filling as expected on the day view schedule.

  • Some patients received appointment reminders with the appointment time zone showing as Saskatchewan instead of Mountain Time.


  • We've made some back-end changes to improve Arya's security and performance.

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