Introduction to Results

In Arya you can upload patient results manually, or have them delivered directly to your Arya clinic via our integration with Excelleris. All new Excelleris results come into the global Results inbox (accessible by clicking Results on the top navigation bar). When a new result comes in, Arya checks the patient’s name, DOB, and PHN, and if the patient already exists in the system, it will tag the result to that patient and file it directly in the patient’s chart. If the patient doesn’t exist in Arya yet, the system will automatically create a new patient profile.

In Arya there are two levels of results: the global level, to which all new results for all patients are delivered, and the patient level (pictured below), which shows only the results that have been tagged to a particular patient and is found within the patient's chart. On both the global and patient level Results page, you will see a list of results ordered from most recent to least recent. You can search this list by keyword, and filter results by practitioner to see which results have been assigned to them. More on assigning results later, though.

Uploading and “Assigning” Results

In some instances, you may want to upload a result document to Arya. To do so, click the upload button in the Results list and choose your document. If you are uploading a document from a patient’s chart, the result will automatically be associated with that patient. If you are uploading a result to global Results, you will need to manually choose which patient to associate it with. 

To tag a patient to a result, click the “Assign” button on the Results page to open the Assign panel. From there you can search for an existing patient to tag the result to or quick add a new patient. You can also give your result a title and assign it to a practitioner at your clinic. When you assign a result to a practitioner at your clinic, the result will appear in the Results list both when the filter is set to "All Users" and when it's set to only display results assigned to that specific user.

Results List, Table, and Vitals

One difference between the global- and patient-level Results pages is that on the patient-level version there’s a Table and Vitals tab in addition to a list of documents. The Table view (pictured below) allows you to view a patient’s historic test results side-by-side and see trends. The Vitals tab enables you to monitor standard patient vitals, such as height and weight, or create your own metric that you want to monitor (urine output, for example).

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