How to Add a Patient

How to add patients in Arya EHR.

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Adding a Patient Through Patient List

To add a patient, navigate to the Home tab and click on Total Patients.

From here you'll be able to select Add Patient located on the far right. Click on this to proceed with adding a new patient.

A smaller window will appear prompting you to input the necessary information about the patient. Go ahead and make sure to enter their information including the following mandatory fields:

  • Last Name

  • First Name

  • Health Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Gender

    πŸ“– Note: You will not be able to move on until the mandatory fields have been completed.

Once you've entered all required information, click the Save button. Congratulations! You've now successfully added a new patient to Arya EHR.

Adding a Patient Through Schedule

You can also add a patient by navigating to the Schedule tab and clicking the Add Patient button.

The same window shown above will appear for you to fill in the patient information and click Save.

Adding a Patient Through Results

A new patient can be added through the Global Results tab as well. When you open a result, click the β“˜ icon to open the Edit Info panel. There, you can assign an existing patient or add a new one by clicking New button.

You can fill in their information within the same window and hit Save.

Adding a Patient Through Referrals

Similarly to the previous option, you can add a new patient when working with incoming Referrals. The Info panel on the right contains the New button that will open a patient information window for you to fill in.

Adding a Patient Through eFax

One more place where you an add a new patient is the Global eFax tab. In the Incoming folder, you can select the fax and click Assign. There, the options to add a new patient or assign an existing one are available.

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