Once you have an eFax number with Arya, you can send and receive faxes directly from the platform. Similar to the Results and Referrals, there is both a global and patient level eFax page.

The global-level eFax page features an Inbox, Outbox and a Sent tab for faxes associated with all patients at your clinic. There's also an eFax page within each patient's chart, from which you can send documents that are related to that specific patient, and review faxes that have been sent out.

You can fax almost every document you create in Arya, including notes, results, forms, prescriptions, and referrals.

Patient-level eFax

Sending Faxes

Let's say you want to fax a visit note and some results to a colleague you are referring your patient to.

  1. First, navigate to the Notes page of the patient's chart.

  2. Once you have finished your note, click the eFax button in the toolbar above the note editor.

  3. After you click the button, it will now read Added. This means that the document has been added to the patient's Outbox and is awaiting sending.

  4. If you have other documents, like prescriptions or forms that also need to be faxed, you can go to the corresponding item and click eFax. This will add any document(s) to the Outbox for faxing.

  5. To see which documents are in the patient's Outbox, navigate to the eFax page in the patient's chart. There you will see a list of all documents you have added to the Outbox since the last time you sent a fax for this patient.

From the Outbox you can choose to Print the documents awaiting faxing. You can also select and Clear them from the Outbox in the event they were added by mistake.

To eFax your documents, either type the recipient's name or fax number directly in the Recipients field or search for a contact in the Address Book. Once you have specified which recipient(s) you want to send your fax to, click "Send" or "Send & Clear" to clear the document from the Outbox.

πŸ“– NOTE: Clicking on the "Send" button initiates a fax composed of the documents you've selected, and keeps those documents in the Outbox after the fax has been sent. Clicking on the "Send & Clear" button will clear the selected documents from your Outbox once they have been sent.

πŸ“– NOTE: All listings are automatically cleared from the eFax Outbox after 7 days.

Viewing Sent eFaxes

You can view all outgoing faxes for a patient by clicking on the Sent tab and filtering the faxes by Failed, Delivered or Queued.

Processing Failed Faxes

If a fax has failed, you will see a yellow Warning icon beside the global eFax tab and beside the Sent tab on both the global and patient level eFax pages.

πŸ’‘ TIP: Failed faxes will be marked with a status Failed along with the reason why the fax has failed. To re-send a failed fax click on the "Retry" button. If you no longer want to send the fax, click "Delete".

Global eFax

Receiving eFaxes

All incoming eFaxes are delivered to the global eFax Inbox.

To access the Inbox, navigate to the eFax page on the navigation bar and click the Inbox tab.

From the Inbox, you can click the "Assign" button to tag the fax to a patient and assign it to a colleague. You can also select the document type and give it a title. Once you "Save & Clear" the fax, it will be cleared from the Inbox and saved in the appropriate section of the patient's chart.

πŸ’‘ TIP: Once documents have been assigned to a patient, you can click on the "Add Task" button to add a task associated with the patient without having to leave the page.

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