This article provides an overview on adding medications to a patient's chart. For information on creating prescriptions see Creating Prescriptions or check out this video walk-through on how to create medications and prescriptions in Arya:

Written Guide

Adding Medications

There are three ways to add a medication to a patient's chart:

  1. From the patient's Profile page, under "Medications"

  2. From the patient's Prescriptions page

  3. From the Profile Synopsis (accessible from any page with a "Profile" button in the toolbar)

To create a medication, click on the Medication Name field and enter the medication you want to prescribe. 

⭐  TIP: If you enter 4 letters or more, you can search the Canadian Drug Database for the medication you want to prescribe. You can also enter drugs manually if you can't find what you're after. 

Once you've selected the medication you want from the drug database, you'll see that the Dose and Route field have been populated as well.

To wrap up, specify the medication Frequency and click Add.

Favouriting Medications

You can favourite frequently-prescribed medications in Arya by clicking the (star icon) when adding new medications on a patient's Prescriptions page.

Once you star a medication, it will appear in the Medication Name field every time you create a new medication in Arya. 

⭐  TIP: To un-favourite a medication, click on the green star icon beside where it appears in the Medication Name dropdown.

Tracking Medication Changes

Arya tracks changes every time your medications are updated. To see changes over time, open the Medication Information dialog and click Changes Over Time. You'll see information about what was changed, who made the change, and the date and time of the change.

Discontinuing Medications

You can discontinue medications on the patient's Prescriptions page by selecting the medication and clicking Discontinue

⭐  TIP: To see a patient's discontinued medications, click on Show Discontinued below their active medications. You can add a reason for discontinuing by clicking Add a Reason. If you select "Allergy", the drug will be automatically added to the patient's list of Allergies.

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