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Creating and Managing Tasks
Creating and Managing Tasks

Learn how to use Tasks in Arya EHR.

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Tasks are a great way to keep track of what's going on at your clinic and provide quality care to your patients. Let's take a look at how to make the most out of Arya's Tasks module. 


To create a task in Arya, navigate to the Tasks tab on the top navigation bar. There, you'll see a panel titled Assigned To on the left-hand side of the screen. This is a list of all the colleagues at your clinic in addition to any custom task categories you have created. Select from this list to see which tasks have been assigned to a specific colleague or category.

You can easily sort tasks by clicking the green headers of each column (i.e. "Patient", "Due Date", "Urgency"). If you wish to set a task to Urgent, you can do so by selecting the Triangle icon within the Urgency column.

Adding a task

To create a new task you can input the patient the task relates to, a description, a due date, and whether the task is urgent or not. Once you have inputted the required fields, you can select Add.

If you would like to assign the task to someone else, you can select the field under Assigned To and input the user.

Deleting a task

To delete a task you may have created by accident or that may no longer be relevant, click the green Edit button. When you do this, the speech bubble icon will be replaced with a delete icon. When you have finished deleting tasks, click Done.

Creating a task category

You can create a category for specific tasks you want to group together, for example "Follow Ups". To create a custom task category, click New in the Assigned To panel. Simply add a title for your task category and click Save. Once you have finished, your new category will appear in the Assigned To panel, at the bottom. 

Organizing task categories

To reorder your task categories, click on the green stack icon to the right the task category. This will allow you to drag and drop your category to the desired location in the category list.

Commenting on a task

If you would like to provide additional information about a task, you can add a comment. To expand the comment panel, click on the speech bubble icon on the right-hand side of the task. Enter your comment and press the indigo button to send.

Who will be notified about my task comments?

If you comment on a task, the person who created the task and the person who is assigned to the task will be notified. A green speech bubble will appear beside the name of whichever task category the task is assigned to. When they click on the task category, they'll also see a red badge on the comment icon of whichever task has been commented on. 

Anyone who subsequently joins the comment thread by adding their comments - including you - will also be notified. 

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