Adding a Pharmacy to a Patient's Chart

This article will go over how to add a pharmacy to a patient's chart within Prescriptions

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When you are creating prescriptions for patients, you can select a default pharmacy for each patient within your clinic. There are two options to add a pharmacy to a patient's chart.

Adding a Pharmacy within the Prescriptions Tab

Once you are within the Prescriptions tab within the Patient's chart, on the right-hand side there will be a section underneath Print, Share, and eFax to display a pharmacy.

By selecting Edit, a popup window will appear for you. You can type in the pharmacy you wish to attach to the patient's chart within the search bar. If the pharmacy appears within the dropdown, you can select it and select Save. If the pharmacy is not within the search bar, you can create the new pharmacy by inputting the Name, Field, Address, Phone, and Fax number. Once you have inputted the pharmacy information, you can select Save.

Once you have inputted or selected the pharmacy and hit Save, the pharmacy will appear within the right-hand side panel.

Once it has been saved, the pharmacy you have attached to the chart will appear within the patient's Contacts.

Adding a Pharmacy from the Patient's Contacts tab

To add a pharmacy, you can also add a pharmacy from the Patient's Contacts tab within their Profile. By selecting New, you can either search for the desired pharmacy from the search bar, or if it is not within the dropdown, input and create the pharmacy in the input fields.

Once you have selected the pharmacy from the dropdown or inputted in the fields, you can select Pharmacy from the Type dropdown field at the start of the row.

One the pharmacy has been saved in Contacts, you can navigate to the patient's Prescriptions tab. Once there, you will see that the pharmacy indicated within Contacts, will now be selected as the pharmacy.

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