MDBilling is the billing platform that is now integrated with AryaEHR that supports comprehensive charting to billing for our clinics in Ontario.

If you do not have an existing MDBilling account, sign up here:

Follow these steps to integrate your account

  1. Login to your Arya Profile.

  2. From your Clinic's Dropdown select 'Edit my Profile'

  3. You are now re-directed your Account Info page.

    πŸ“– Note: Please make sure to fill in your Billing Number within the Account Info page before you integrate your account with MDBilling.

  4. Click on 'Billing Info' here.

  5. Here, select your Province and Billing Provider.

    1. From the Province dropdown-select Ontario.

    2. From the Billing Provider dropdown-select MDBilling(ON).

  6. Once you select MDBilling(ON), two new fields appear where you need to fill in your MDBilling Username and MDBilling Password.

    πŸ“– Note: You will get your MDBilling username and password by setting up an account with MDBilling separately.

  7. Click on Connect button to integrate your Arya account with the MDBilling account.

    You are now connected with MDBilling to submit your bills πŸ™Œ

  8. Once connected, you can set your preferred defaults to prefill on your created claims. These fields can be edited on unsubmitted claims. This is an optional setting.

    1. Service Location Indicator

    2. Specialty Code

    3. Facility Number

    4. MOH Group

  9. Click Update to lock in your defaults.

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