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Setting Up Billing with Dr. Bill
Setting Up Billing with Dr. Bill

Set up direct billing to MSP

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Arya EHR is pleased to offer direct billing via our partner Dr. Bill.

Create an Account with Dr. Bill

To set up billing from Arya, you will first want to create an account with our partner Dr. Bill. You can do so through the link, Please choose the "Essentials" Package with them.

Integrate your Dr. Bill account with your Arya account

Once you have created an account with Dr. Bill, you will need to integrate your Dr. Bill account with Arya.

Navigate to the Billing Info in Edit My Profile found in the dropdown menu in Arya. Once you have made it to the Billing Info page, you will need to input your details.

Once in the Billing Info tab, you will want to select your province and Billing Provider from the two dropdown menus. You can select BC and Dr. Bill for these.

Once BC and Dr. Bill have been selected, a username and password fields will appear below. You can input your newly created login credentials for Dr. Bill. Once your username and password have been inputted you can select Connect.

Once you have integrated your Dr. Bill account with Arya, a section below will appear for you to set your default information for your bills. The Clinician Clinic Defaults section is where you can input your Service Location, Specialty Code, Rural Location and Facility Number for your bills.

Once you have inputted all information for your bills, you can select Update. Once updated, your bills will reflect the default information provided.

Submitting and Tracking Billing

Once you have logged into Dr. Bill via Arya, you will be able to submit your billings directly from Arya. Simply create your billing items, and when it's time to bill, click Submit. Your items will be sent directly to Dr. Bill.

Once they are submitted, they will appear under the Pending view, and when they are processed they will either appear under Rejected (if there has been an issue), or under Completed (if the billings were processed).

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