This article explains how to generate prescriptions in Arya EHR. For information on adding medications see Adding Medications or check out this video walk-through on how to create medications and prescriptions in Arya:

Create a Prescription

To create a prescription, navigate to the patient's Prescriptions page. Select the medication(s) you want to prescribe, and click the Create Prescription button.

Batch Refill & Specifying Prescription Information 

When you create a prescription, you'll notice that Batch Refill is automatically selected. When you add information to this section, it will automatically apply your entries to all the medications you are prescribing. 

⭐  TIP: If you don't want to batch refill, simply deselect the green checkmark beside "Batch Refill". You can now add custom Amount and Refill information for each medication. 

Once you've selected the Amount and Refills for each medication you're prescribing, you can add Notes about the prescription and sign it either by drawing your signature or using the signature you have stored under your Profile.

Saving Prescriptions

When your prescription is ready, you can choose to Save & Print it, or Save & eFax it

  • Save & Print: Will save the entry, and open the Print dialog 

  • Save & eFax: Will save the entry, and send the Prescription to the patient's eFax Outbox to be sent out.

Viewing Prescriptions

Once you've created a prescription, it will appear under the Prescriptions list. You can see details about the prescription and also Print or eFax it.

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