Create a New Immunization

Learn How to Add a New Vaccination to a Patient's Chart

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This article provides information on how to add a new vaccination.

Adding New Vaccination

To add a New Vaccination Select the patient and Navigate to the Profile tab in the patient's chart.

Afterwards, click on Immunizations and the immunizations panel will expand which displays the patient's immunization history.

To add a new vaccination record to a patient's chart, click on the New button in the immunizations panel.

Later, you can see a window for Adding vaccination, there you have to add the Vaccine Name, Date, and other information.

For additional details about the vaccination, scroll down and click on the More Vaccination Details button. Where you can add information like Vaccine Dose, Lot Number, Site, and further details. Once you fill out all the details about the vaccination, further click the Save button.

Lastly, You will be able to see the New vaccination in the patient's chart.

If you would like to learn how to view, edit, and update a patient's immunization history, please select the button below.

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