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2022-Oct-20 Release Notes
2022-Oct-20 Release Notes

New features and fixed bugs scheduled to released on Oct 20, 2022

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What's New?

MDBilling Integration is available for Ontario Users

What's Fixed?

Billing (For all Users)

  • Fixed the custom date range filter on Global Results to allow users to filter claims by a set date range.

  • Fixed a minor UI issue, where the Referring Physician Field extended into the Amount Field


  • We've made some back-end changes to improve our team's ability to assist Arya users.

New Issues to watch out for:

Sometimes there are unexpected new issues that pop-up after a release. We do our best to find and fix them all before your clinic starts in the morning, but we end up missing some or are not able to resolve others in time. To improve transparency of potential issues you may see after a release, a list of known new issues will be updated here once testing of AryaEHR post release is complete.

Our goal is to keep this list as empty as humanly possible! If you experience any new issues following this release that are not mentioned here, please reach out to our Client Support Team via the intercom bubble.

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