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2022-Oct-27 Release Notes
2022-Oct-27 Release Notes

2 updated features and fixed bugs scheduled to released on Oct 20, 2022

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What's New?

Arya EHR has two new updates to our platform that require no further training, and will enhance your EHR experience even more.

We're excited to announce that Arya has a new look, with our redesigned banner to help with a better layout to save you screen space and help enhance your clinical workflows.

Secondly, Arya is committed to reducing clicks, and as such we have redesigned the inserts functionality on the notes engine page in a way that it reduces clicks by 50%. We have done this for inserts by having it on the screen instead of being a pop-up. You can now place your cursor in the note, and simply click on the desired inserts to have it appear in your note, reducing the amount of clicks you need to make.

Latest Fixes


  • There was an issue with Telehealth invites and reminders to patients using Outlook Email Clients (Outlook, Hotmail, emails managed through Microsoft Outlook web or app clients). All Telehealth Invites and Reminders will now have a text link that patients can use to join their appointment if the Join Video Call button is not working for them.

Patient Contacts

  • Fixed a UI issue affecting the Address field for Pharmacies in the patient contact lists. The entire Address for the pharmacies should be visible again.


  • Several fixes made to some Results glitches affecting the UI when selecting results and searching results.


  • Results that have edited dates should display the last updated date in the Outbox.


  • Some users were not seeing all the referrals in their Sent tab. All your referrals should be visible now.

Billing (All Users)

  • Users can now use the tab key on their keyboards to move between the Fee Code and ICD Code fields again.

Misc Fixes across the EHR

  • The Success and Error Banners have a sleek new look.

  • 17 annoying bugs and glitches have been squished across the EHR in Account Info, Tasks, Clinic Settings, Tags, Social History and Online Booking.

New Issues to watch out for:

Sometimes there are unexpected new issues that pop-up after a release. We do our best to find and fix them all before your clinic starts in the morning, but we end up missing some or are not able to resolve others in time. To improve transparency of potential issues you may see after a release, a list of known new issues will be updated here once testing of AryaEHR post release is complete.

Our goal is to keep this list as empty as humanly possible! If you experience any new issues following this release that are not mentioned here, please reach out to our Client Support Team via the intercom bubble.

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