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How to Modify Additional Billing Fields using the Info Icon
How to Modify Additional Billing Fields using the Info Icon
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Sometimes, you need to add some extra information before you submit your bill. All these additional fields are present under the info icon.

  • Click on the i icon on the right-hand side of the bill.

  • A small Additional Billing info box pops up.

The following fields can be added here:

  1. Number of Units: You can click and enter the number of units of your appointment slots in the Units box.

  2. Call time- Select your call start time from the small Clock icon.

  3. Start Time and End Time: You can choose the start and the end time of your appointment from the small Clock icon.

  4. After hours and Call out: Click on the button below to mention your after hours and call out hours of appointment.

  5. Province (Set to Ontario by default for MDBilling): Select your Province from the dropdown.

    1. πŸ“– Note: For clinics integrated with MDBilling, the default location is set to Ontario.

  6. Payment Program: from the dropdown below, select the program type.

  7. Service Location Indicator: Select the service location indicator from the dropdown options.

  8. Additional Notes: You can write and save additional notes here.

    1. πŸ“– Note: This is a free text field.

  9. Click on the Save button at the bottom to save your changes.

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