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Sharing Documents with Patients and Viewing Shared Documents
Sharing Documents with Patients and Viewing Shared Documents

Share Notes, Results, Forms and Prescriptions quickly and safely

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Sharing Files With Patients

Once a patient has their portal account enabled, you will be able to share Notes, Results, Forms and Prescriptions with them using the Share button. This gives you control over what and when to share health information with the patient.

The new Share button is located in the top right corner of the page.

Let's try sharing a new lab requisition form with the patient.

  1. Click on the Forms tab in the patient's chart.

2. Select the document you want to share.

3. Click on the Share button.

Once you click on the Share button you should see a notification on the top right-hand corner of the EHR if your document was successfully shared to the Portal.

Here is what the notification should look like:

Congrats, you have now shared your first document with a patient!

The Share button should now appear as a Shared button to indicate that it was shared to the Patient Portal.

๐Ÿ“– Note: At this time, a file can only be shared once. We will be adding the ability to re-share documents in the future.

Portal tab

The Portal tab can be found on the Patient navigation bar. Click on the tab to open the Portal page.

Here you will be able to view all the documents you have shared with the patient.

Searching Shared Files (Documents)

Click on the Search bar to search for a document by its name/title. The search bar will display all matching documents below.

Viewing File Details

Below the Search bar there is a list of all the documents that have been shared to the Patient Portal.

There is a list for each file type (Forms, Prescriptions, Results and Notes). The total number of each file type is displayed in brackets beside the title.

You can see the name/title of the file, the date the file was shared with the patient, and the name of the user who shared the document with the patient.

Viewing Shared Files

Click on the View File button to be navigated to the file's location in the patient's chart. There you can see the exact file that was sent to the patient.

๐Ÿ“– Note: The patient will receive a PDF of the shared document they can view, print and/or save to their device. They will not have direct access to the document in the EHR.

We have several help articles available for patients to assist them with the Patient Portal.

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