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An Overview of Arya
An Overview of the Patient Portal
An Overview of the Patient Portal

Learn how to use the Patient Portal

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What is the Arya EHR Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal is a secure online tool that connects you to your health record. After you create your account, you will be able to view, download and print documents shared by your healthcare provider.

How can I access the Patient Portal?

Click on the link from your email whenever your healthcare provider shares any documents with you or you can directly log in with your user name and password by clicking the button below.

You can access your information through the Patient Portal from anywhere on the internet. You can log in using your desktop or laptop computer, your smartphone, and/or your tablet. Please make sure to use Google Chrome if possible for the best possible experience.

What information can I see through the Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal allows you to see your personal health record. It also allows you to view, download or print:

  • Shared lab and imaging test results

  • Shared prescriptions

  • Shared forms

  • Shared notes

You will also be able to:

  • Receive messages from your healthcare provider (Feature coming soon).

  • Chat with your healthcare provider (Feature coming soon).

  • View your Upcoming Appointments (Feature coming soon).

Important❗Only shared documents will be accessible in the Patient Portal. As a result, you may not have access to every document in your healthcare record. Please contact your clinic for more details regarding the release of your patient information.

How will I know when my healthcare provider has shared something new with me?

You will receive an email every time your provider shares any document with you. The email will include a link to Patient Portal so you can quickly access it.

How to use the Arya EHR Patient Portal

There are 3 main features on the Patient portal Dashboard:

  1. Home page

  2. Documents page

  3. Patient Menu

1. Home Page: When you click your home page button on the dashboard, you can see an overview of all the documents shared with you from your provider.

  • Shared Documents: This is where you can view your results, forms, prescriptions and notes that are shared by your healthcare provider.

  • How to open, view, download and print Shared Documents

Open: Under the Home page, navigate to the Shared Documents section. From there, click on the file you would like to view, print or download. This is displayed with the name of the file.

Once you have selected the file you would like to view, the system will load that file on the right hand side of the page.

Print: On the top right side of the document is the Print button. Click on it to print the document. You may also print by clicking on the small printer icon on the top left corner of the document.

Download: On the top right side of the form is the Download button. Click on it to download the document. You may also download by clicking on the small arrow icon on the top right corner of the document.

2. Documents page: Click on the Documents tab on the Dashboard to view the Documents page and all your Shared documents. Here, you can view all your shared results, forms, prescriptions and notes.

The process to view, print or download your document is the same as the home page mentioned above.

3. Patient Menu: There is a Patient Menu button on the top right corner of the dashboard that displays your name (this patient is names Tara Testing) with a down arrow symbol beside it.

When you click on the Patient Menu, you can chose to:

  • Change Password

  • Logout

Change Password: You may wish to update your password. To do so, navigate to the Change Password page from the Patient Menu found at the top right hand corner of the Patient Portal.

First, enter your current password to verify you are the authorized user, then enter your new password.

📖 NOTE: Your password must be at least 8 characters long, have one upper case letter, one number and one special character.

Click the Submit button to save your new password.

Logout: Click the logout button from the dropdown on Patient Profile to log out from the Arya Patient Portal.

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