What's New in Arya EHR?

New Prescription Amount Types

  • Prescriptions can be added with new amount types: pack/unit, gm, and mL

What's Fixed?

For your Schedule

  • Some users had issues loading their schedules, we fixed this asap

  • Appointment fields (like appointment status) weren't updating when you made a change. Now all your changes are saved automatically

For Appointments/Reminders

  • The reason for visit was cut off after 15 characters if you when to edit the appointment. Now, you have 252 characters to reason away, and no text will be lost.

  • Clinician specific appointments weren't saving and updating the time interval when edited. You could say these times are changing now.

  • Booking an appointment with an email reminder for a patient that didn't have an email would pop up an error. You can book appointments for patients with or without contact information.

For your Patient Charts

  • Our new feature alerts had a duplicating bug for the Appears For users after you toggled the flag. No longer seeing double.

  • Notes were occasionally saving as "undefined." We fixed this, and are still working to improve notes, we promise!

  • When adding to medical history, the timestamp wasn't updating when changes were made. Now we are right on time.

For the Forms Engine

  • Checkboxes and text boxes were distorted when you printed as PDF. It's much better, but still having issues with small checkboxes.

  • Jumping between forms would cause users to lose their work. Now you can multi-task building your forms as much as you like.

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