What's New in Arya EHR?

No new features were released today.

Our team has been busy working on fixing some existing issues outlined below. Stay tuned for exciting new features that will be coming soon.

What's Fixed?

Appointments/Schedules/Online Booking

  • Fixed an issue with the unavailable placeholders on the schedule. Providers weren't able to add back-to-back Off-time

  • Custom appointments will display Appointment Name in the Appointment History (Upcoming appointment in patient profile)

  • Patients were seeing multiple "no appointments available" errors while Online Booking when a provider had appointments available - we fixed this to display the error when it's supposed to.


  • Aesthetics improvements with spacing and opening animations

  • Fixed the logic behind archiving and re-activating tags so that we don't get duplicate tags

Patient List

  • Restored the ability to search by Health Number from the patient list

Forms Engine

  • Forms backgrounds were displaying as grey in the forms engine, this isn't happening anymore

  • Small checkboxes were distorting when the PDF was generated, checkboxes are displaying properly now.

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