How to View your Appointments in Day or Week View.

Using the schedule, users can view appointments for themselves or other providers.

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Arya EHR provides two different viewing options when seeing your list of appointments. The first is day view, which lists your appointments in order, as a table view. The second is week view, which provides a calendar view of the week, with appointments blocked off based on length of time.

Day View

First, let's go through how to view your day view. Navigate to the Schedule on the green (global) bar, then click day view.

πŸ“– Note: Depending on your clinic, you may need to select your name from the list of providers, instead of All Users.

Now that you have the day view selected, with your account filtered, you will see your list of appointment slots. Any slot that has a booked appointment will contain patient and appointment details. From here you can:

  1. Add a new appointment by clicking the + icon

  2. See appointment details including the attached patient, appointment type and time, reason for visit and status.

  3. Open the patient's chart on the Profile screen

  4. Begin a Telehealth visit (if booked as a Telehealth appointment)

  5. Open the patient's chart on the Notes screen.

  6. Open the patient's chart on the Billing screen.

Week View

If you prefer to view all of your appointments for the week, Arya EHR also offers a week view. To navigate there, click on the week view icon, next to day view.

From there, you can see your appointments for the week. Clicking on an appointment will open the appointment edit window where you can modify or remove the appointment.

Month View

Lastly, the month view will not show your appointments for the month, but will show the placeholders you have in place.

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