Creating Appointments

To create an appointment in Arya, navigate to the Schedule page on the top navigation bar. If it is your first time visiting the page, you will notice a dropdown that is set to “All Users”. This dropdown allows you to view the schedule for individual users at your clinic or all users at your clinic.

To create your appointment, click on the “Add Appointment” button. Select the patient for whom you wish to book the appointment and fill in relevant details, including which practitioner will see the patient. If the patient is not created in your system yet, close the Add Appointment dialog and click the “Add Patient” button on the Schedule screen.

Once you have saved your appointment, it will be visible on the Schedule. It will also appear in the patient’s chart under the Profile tab. 

Appointment Reminders

Patients who have provided an email address will get automatic appointment reminders via email 48 hours prior to their appointment. These emails will give the patient the opportunity to confirm their appointment, or to decline it. 

Patient Confirmation & Appointment Status

You can see information about an upcoming appointment on the Day view of the Schedule. In addition to the details you provided about an appointment, there are two additional appointment fields: Patient Confirmation and Status. Patient Confirmation status is automatically set to “Unconfirmed” and is updated to “Confirmed” or “Rejected” depending on whether the patient confirms or declines their appointment when receive their email reminder. This status can also be changed manually in the event a patient has not provided their email address for reminders.

The Appointment Status is designed to be updated on the day of the appointment, and shows whether a patient has yet to start their appointment, has arrived for their appointment, or has finished their appointment.

Editing and Deleting Appointments

Want to edit or delete an appointment? Simply click on the appointment you want to edit in the Week or Month view of the Schedule. This will open the Edit Appointment dialog, from which you can change appointment details or delete the appointment.

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