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Understanding the Patient Portal
Understanding the Portal as a Patient
Online Booking: Patient Registration and Appointment Booking.
Online Booking: Patient Registration and Appointment Booking.

For Patients - Learn how to register and book appointments online

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With this online booking platform, patients can now register and book his/her appointment directly with the clinic. Patients can now see the doctor’s availability in real-time and schedule appointments accordingly.

πŸ“– NOTE:

  • Not all clinics offer Self-registration and/or Online booking at this time. Please ask your clinic if they offer these services!

    • If they do, your clinic will be able to provide a link to take you to their online booking page.

  • We recommend using the latest version of Chrome on your desktop or laptop computer.

How to Register as a New patient?

If you are already a registered as a patient at your clinic, you can skip to the Book Appointment Section below.

Registering yourself as a new patient can be a time-consuming process, Arya makes the new patient registration process easier and more efficient. Now you can directly register yourself to a clinic as a new patient by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the Arya Online Booking Page.

  2. Click on the Register Button to continue.

  3. Fill out the New Patient Intake Form: fill in all the information in the form such as your full name, Date of birth, Insurer Province, Health Card number, Gender, Contact number, and your Complete address.

4. Click on the Register Button to complete your registration: after you have filled in all the information required in the form, click on the Register button to complete your registration.

5. You have successfully registered: You will be taken to the next page where you can see the message that the registration was Successful.

Booking your Appointment

With Arya's online portal you can now book both in-person and virtual appointments to communicate with your clinic.

πŸ“– NOTE: First, make sure that you have registered on the online booking platform.

1. Click on the Book Appointment button to get started. `

2. Fill out all the required information in the form including- your First and last name, Insurer, Health Card number, DOB, and email address.

πŸ“– NOTE: The information must be the same that you filled in when registering with the clinic.

3. Click on the Book Appointment button at the end of the page to continue your booking.

4. To complete your booking fill out the information in the fields below:

  • Select the Provider- From the dropdown, select the provider with whom you want to book an appointment.

  • Select Your date of Appointment- From the small calendar icon, select the date of your appointment.

  • Select the time of Your Appointment- The available time slot of the provider is displayed, click on the time slot (radio button) to select your time of visit.

  • Select Your Appointment type- From the dropdown, select whether you want to book In-person or Telehealth appointment.

  • Select your Reason for Visit- type your reason for the visit to the clinic.

    πŸ“– NOTE: This is a free text field with a limit of 20 letters.

5. Click on the Complete Booking button to confirm your appointment booking.

6. You will receive the message of your Appointment Confirmation:

  • Click on Confirm button to confirm the appointment booking.

  • Click on the Cancel button to cancel the appointment booking.

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