In the previous article, we discussed how to create a form template and publish it to your clinic(s). In this article, we'll discuss how to use and edit your form templates.

Creating new forms

Once you have published a form template, it will be available under the forms list when you click New on a patient's Forms page.

Once you've selected your form from the list, your form template will appear.

If certain information about the patient has already been added under their Profile, this information will be automatically pulled into the form you are filling out. The same is true of providers: provider information, including full name and billing number, will pull into your form if it has been specified under Edit My Profile

In the image below, Apple Appleson's first and last name, date of birth, phone number, and address were all automatically pulled into the form.

TIP: Any field in your form, even if it has automatically pulled in information, can be further edited or cleared by you if desired.

Editing your digital form templates

You can edit any of your digital form templates at any time by going back to the Admin panel (accessible via the clinic dropdown menu). Once you've made your required changes, make sure to click Publish again, so that the newer version of your template will be accessible.

NOTE: If you've used an older version of your form template to create forms in patients' charts those forms will remain intact when you publish new versions of the form template. 

Deleting your form templates

You can delete your form templates by clicking Edit in the Forms Engine templates list, and clicking the red circle that appears beside your form template's name. This will only delete the form template, it will not delete any instances of the form that have been created and filled out in patient charts.

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