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Creating Form Templates in the Forms Engine
Creating Form Templates in the Forms Engine

Create and publish your form template using the Forms Engine

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In this article, we'll discuss creating form fields and publishing your form template.

Understanding the Controls Side Panel

Now that you have your form uploaded and named, you can use the controls on the right-hand side to create controls directly on your form.

There are many controls to choose from within the Controls panel. You can select patient information, physician information, and other controls. You can select the control you wish to add and place it in the corresponding field on the form.

Manipulating the Control Fields

Once you have placed the control on your form, you can change the font size, move the control, and delete it if needed. When you have placed the control in the correct spot, you can check the checkmark icon.

⭐TIP: You can resize any controls by clicking on the green squares and dragging them to be the desired size.

If you wish to increase or decrease the font size of your control, you can do so by selecting the number on the control. A dropdown will appear and you can select the size you wish the font to be.

Some controls will have a small arrow on the right-hand side. This is to inform you that this control has multiple options for the field for you to customize. For example, the control Patient Address will have an arrow which you can choose how the field will display the address.

⭐TIP: If a form has the address information broken into separate fields for street, city, province, and postal code. These controls with options, makes it easier to create the form to fill in correctly.

Publishing your Form

Once you have finished adding all the controls needed for your form. You can select Publish to make the form live within the clinics you selected. If you are done but do not wish to make it public, you can select Save as Draft to save your form as a draft.

Editing or Deleting your Existing Templates

If you would like to learn how to update or delete an existing template you can select the button below.

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