Welcome to the first in a series of articles about the Arya Forms Engine! The Forms Engine is tool that allows you to create a digital template of any of your clinic's forms. Once you have made your form templates, you'll be able to access and fill them out on Arya EHR whenever you need. 

The Forms Engine supports the upload of the following file formats:

  • .JPG

  • .JPEG

  • .PNG

Here is a quick video walk-through of how the forms engine works:

Written Guide

Start Using the Forms Engine

1. Navigate to the Admin panel

To start with the Forms Engine, navigate to the clinic dropdown menu in the top righthand side of your app. Select Admin, which is located between the Help and Logout menu items. This will launch the Admin Panel, where the Forms Engine is stored.

NOTE: Only certain types of Arya users will be able to access the Admin panel. A user's level of access to the Forms Engine depends on their Role in Arya (Viewer, Administrator, Account Owner, Editor). Please see the Forms Engine Roles and Permissions below for details.

Forms Engine Roles and Permissions

  • Viewer - Can view forms on Arya but cannot create or edit forms or access the Admin panel.

  • Administrator - Has full access to Forms Engine: can create new forms, and edit/delete existing forms.

  • Account Owner - Has full access to Forms Engine: can create new forms, and edit/delete existing forms.

  • Editor - Has full access to Forms Engine: can create new forms, and edit/delete existing forms.

2. Upload your form

Once you're in the Admin Panel, click on the File Upload button beside the Form Title field. Select which form you'd like to upload and turn into a form template.

Note: Arya currently supports the following image files:

  • .JPG or .JPEG

  • .PNG

3. Name your form and select your clinic(s)

Give your form a title, select which clinic(s) you would like the form to be accessible from, and click Add.

TIP: You can save your form to several clinics by selecting one clinic from the dropdown menu, then selecting the other(s). In the image above, I've chosen to add "LifeLabs Requisition" to both Facility 1 and Oak Street Clinic.

4. Edit your form

Once you have uploaded your form file, you should see it displayed in the form viewer. The form viewer also features controls to help you further edit your form. They are (from left to right on the top):

  • Rotate form counter-clocking

  • Rotate form clockwise

  • Crop form

  • Reset controls (this would only be used once you have form fields added to your form template)

On the bottom of the form viewer, you can add another page to your form (by clicking the File Upload button), or delete pages you have added.

Up Next

Now that you have your form uploaded, we'll take a look in the next article at how to add form fields and create your template! 

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