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Using the Forms Engine: Adding fields and creating your form template
Using the Forms Engine: Adding fields and creating your form template
Create and publish your form template using the Forms Engine
Written by Shereen Maqsood
Updated over a week ago

In the previous article we discussed how to upload and name a form in your Forms Engine. You'll recall that we uploaded the LifeLabs Laboratory Requisition form and chose to add it to two clinics: Oak Street Clinic and Facility 1.

In this article, we'll discuss creating form fields and publishing your form template.

Digitizing your form

1. Adding and customizing form fields

Now that you have your form uploaded and named, you can use the controls on the righthand side of the Forms Engine to create a form template and designate what form fir

Controls include such details as Patient Last Name, Provider Billing Number, and Provider Signature. Simply place these fields on top of the corresponding fields on your form, and click the checkmark icon when you are happy with the placement.

TIP: You can use the form field controls to resize and customize your form field. For instance, in the example below I have placed the Patient Last Name form field over the Patient Surname field on the LifeLabs form. Using the form field controls, I can change the size of the font from size 10 to size 12, and press the checkmark icon when I'm done.

Changing the form field text from size 10 to size 12:

TIP: You'll notice that some of the form fields have little arrows beside the text box. This occurs in cases where further customization might be required, such as for patient address. In the Patient Address form field, you can choose whether you want to display the full address or only part of it, like the postal code.

2. Publishing your form template

Once you have finished adding fields to your form template, it should look something like the image below. If you are happy with your template, you can publish it to the clinics you have selected (in our case Facility 1 and Oak Street Clinic) by clicking the Publish button.

Up Next

Now that you have your first few form templates published, we'll look at how to access and update them.

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