How to Invite a New User
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This article will explain how to add new users to your clinic, provided you have the administrator permissions to do so. Follow these steps to add/invite a new user:

  1. Login to your Arya account.

  2. Select your Clinic from the top right corner of the page (here it is AryaEHR Demo Clinic)

  3. Go to Edit My Clinics from the dropdown.

  4. Click on Edit from the right side of the page.

  5. Click on Edit again next to the clinic that you want to invite the user too. Note, you may see multiple clinics listed here if you are a member of multiple clinics.

  6. Another page opens where you can see Invite a New user and Online Booking. Select Invite a New User from the top of the page.

  7. An information box populates where you need to fill in the following:

    1. Email Address of the New User.

      1. Type in the email address of the New user.

      2. Re-type the email address of the New user to confirm email.

    2. You need to choose what level you want the New user to be in: Viewer, Editor, Administrator and Account Owner.

      1. Viewer: A viewer can view all the data in the clinic, but cannot update any of it. For example: they can view a patient's chart, schedule, eFaxes etc but cannot make any changes.

      2. Editor: An editor can view, create, and edit all data in the clinic except for roles. This is the most common type of permission given. For example: the editor can create and add details to a patient's profile, can handle faxes and can also create/manage Forms and Note Templates.

      3. Administrator: An administrator is able to perform all the tasks that an editor can do, and also add, remove, and change roles.

      4. Account Owner: This user is the owner of the account. He or she is able to perform all the tasks of the Administrator but also cannot have his or her role changed by an administrator. This is the account under which the clinic is registered. πŸ“– NOTE: This role cannot be edited.

    3. Select the Clinical User button if the user that you are adding will require a schedule within Arya.

    4. Click on Create button to send the invitation.

    5. The Invitation is successfully sent to the new user.

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