This help article will explain how to invite Patients to the Patient Health Record also known as the Portal, and how to add a Patients email into their patient chart to share documents with them.

Navigating to the Patient's Demographics

To invite Patients to the Patient Health Record you must first access a Patient's demographics. To do so please navigate to the Profile tab in their patient chart.

From there please click on the Demographics tab underneath the patient chart.

πŸ“– Note: Here is what you would see after you click on the Demographics tab:

Setting-up a Patients Email to Receive Documents

While staying in the Demographics tab, you must enter the email that was provided by the Patient in the email section.

Enable Sharing to the Patient Portal

There is a checkbox located below the Patient's Email. To ensure informed consent is obtained, the Patient Portal is disabled unless this box is checked off. It is up to the clinic to determine how they wish to obtain informed consent.

Each patient must be manually enabled.

πŸ“– Note: After this you must check off that the Patient has consented to receiving healthcare information via the Patient Health Record.

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