Arya EHR is pleased to offer direct billing via our partner Dr. Bill.

Setup Billing in Arya

To set up billing from Arya, navigate to the Billing tab in the top navigation bar of your Arya EHR portal. Ensure that you have the New Billings view selected.

Create your billings by entering a patient name and specifying billing details like Fee Code and ICD Code and then clicking Create Billing.

When you are ready to submit your billings, click the Submit button. A dialog should open prompting you to either login to Dr. Bill or setup a new Dr. Bill account. Choose whichever option is relevant to you.

Dr. Bill offers several different plans, an overview of which is available here:

Submitting and Tracking Billing

Once you have logged into Dr. Bill via Arya, you will be able to submit your billings directly from Arya. Simply create your billing items, and when it's time to bill, click Submit. Your items will be sent directly to Dr. Bill.

Once they are submitted, they will appear under the Pending view, and when they are processed they will either appear under Rejected (if there has been an issue), or under Completed (if the billings were processed).

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