With the new info icon button in the Notes section of the Patient chart, you can now add the title of the note, update the date of the note, assign the note to your colleague and add comments to your notes.

How to Use the New Info icon in the Notes section of the Patient chart:

  1. Login to the Arya EHR account> Go to Global Patient> Search for the Patient>Go to that Patient Chart>Click on the Notes in the Patient Chart.

  2. From the left side of the page> Click on any Note to open and make changes.

  3. Click on the Info (i) icon.

  4. An Edit Info box populates on the right side of the page.

    You can make the following changes to the Notes from this section.

    1. Add or Edit the Title of the Note- You can edit or add a new title to the note here. Click on the Title section> type the title of the note>Click outside of the box> this will autosave the title.

      πŸ“– Note: This is a free text field and the word limit is 50.

      πŸ“– Note: You cannot edit the Created Date.

    2. Change the Visit Date- Click on the Visit Date section> a calendar populates> Select the visit date from the Calendar> new visit date is saved.

    3. Change the Assigned To- You can change the notes assigned to a different colleague or to yourself.

      Click the Dropdown in the Assigned to section> Select the user you want to Assign the notes to> New name is saved.

    4. Add or Edit Comments to the Note: You can add a new comment or edit the previous comment on any note. Click on the Comments section> Type the new comment> Click outside the box> The new comment is autosaved.

      πŸ“– Note: This is a free text field and the word limit is 200.

  5. Click on the (X) icon at the top left side of the box to close this Edit Info box.

  6. The Changes are Saved and can be seen under the Note's name.

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