Features/Platform Changes


  • Print Patient label will now be called Print Label to save space.

  • When a patient does not have a future booked appointment, the wording has changed to save space.

  • In the Allergies panel instead of the text "Drug" it will now say "Allergen".


  • We have changed the wording of the submit button. Now when you want to lock your note, the button says "Sign" once signed, the button will say "Signed" this is a more intuitive wording to identify this is how to lock your note.

  • To increase our loading speeds, notes will now save at certain intervals instead of after every character. You will see the system show "Saving" if the note is currently being saved.

Other Features

  • Sometimes a fax gets stuck in queue. If this happens, you can now delete or retry if it has been in queue for more than 24 hours.

  • Schedule will be the new landing page by popular demand!

Bug Fixes

  • Users were reporting the demographics panel would close or not save data when adding new information. This has been resolved.

  • Users had noticed that when adding a new contact to a patient's contact list, sometimes the contact would not display. We have fixed the issue.

  • Several CPU fixes to increase server reliability and speed.

  • There were some glitches recognizing placeholders in your notes as mandatory. This has been fixed.

  • As a clinician, sometimes the system would display another clinician's schedule instead of yours. This will no longer occur.

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